Stable Cottage | 18 occupants (1981 - 2007)

JS Site Visit Notes: Cairndow, Friday September 28, 2007

Stable Cottage
This is a new building by Lorimer with a hipped prominent bell cast roof, with big projecting eaves. It seems originally to have been a motor garage with the rails for sliding door outside at the cobbles at the foot of the wall. The large garage door opening has been filled in with four windows; three panes over six with top hoppers and door in the corner. At the time of conversion one small chimney was added.

The interior consists of a kitchen at the north end, living room with new built chimney piece and fireplace, and beyond a bathroom and two bedrooms, extending to the outer corner of this L-shaped range. The bedroom windows at the south end probably date from the Lorimer period. All other interior features spear to date from the 1980�s conversion. Although the bedrooms were previously part of the laundry cottage conversion: which was done in the late 1920s. In the corner bedroom there is a corner fireplace, diagonally opposite the window. The Carran company plaque on the pigsties says: 'Carran Company, founded 1759 incorporated by royal charter 1773', and bears the motto Esto Perpetua, and has cross cannons.



Stable Cottage, Electoral Roll

Stable Cottage 1981-2009 Electoral Roll

Stable Cottage, Transcript

Transcript of Stable Cottage by John MacDonald and Nigel Callander.

Stable Cottage, J.S visit

Architectural detail by James Simpson.