3 Hydro House | 9 occupants (1959 - 1986)

Home of Mrs May Wilson.

The house is situated on the shores of Loch Fyne.

Going in the front door there is a small porch with glass door on it. Inside the porch it takes you into the bottom of the stairs, to the left is a small bedroom, on the right of the stairs is the main livingroom, it runs full width of the house. At the top end of the livingroom there is a door into kitchen, we had kitchen made much bigger, so we could have meals in it. There is a toilet at back door.

Up stairs there is two bedrooms one on each side of the stairs, also a bathroom, at head of stairs with shower.

Under floor heating was put in when house was built, (1957), we used it once as it was too expensive to use. I now have storage heaters, there still expensive to run.

There is quite a large garden at the back of the house, extends down side and along front, the front looks onto the loch, lovely in the summers.

We previously lived at No 4, Hydro House. It has the same layout as No 3, but the layout is the opposite way round.

Information given by May Wilson 2007.



3 Hydro House Electoral Roll

3 Hydro House, 1959-2009 Electoral Roll

3 Hydro House by May Wilson

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